Muay Thai

The art of 8 limbs

The Muay Thai program focuses not only on striking theory, but on live action as well. We implement contact drilling and sparring at this point.

Required Gear: Head gear, mouthpiece, shin guards, boxing gloves, and wraps.

Types of Muay Thai Classes

We have three types of classes that fit every skill level

Level 1: Muay Thai Fundamentals - Focus is on fundamental technique. Power level is 25% or lower

Level 2: Intermediate Muay Thai - The technique is more in depth, the pace is more intense, and the power level is up to 70%. You are officially on the Amateur Muay Thai team, whether you compete or not.

Level 3: Professional Muay Thai - You are officially training with the Pro Fight Team and will cover advance techniques and drills. Power level is up to 100%.


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