Muay Thai

The Art of 8 limbs

The Muay Thai training program focuses not only on striking theory, but on live action as well. We implement contact drilling and sparring at this point so you’ll need to have some previous striking training under your belt before jumping into these intense classes. 

Authentic Muay Thai Training

Class instruction by multiple time World Boxing Council Muay Thai champion Romie Adanza.

If you train here you’ll learn how to utilize your whole body as a weapon. We’ll teach you how to throw crushing low kicks and clinch work that opens up your opponent for even more damage.

We have Muay Thai classes for beginners and experienced fighters. Take this class to learn the most effective striking martial art and maintain your fighting advantage on the feet.

Required Gear: Head gear, mouthpiece, shin guards, boxing gloves, and wraps.


6:00pm-9:00pm Monday & Wednesday: Intermediate

6:30pm-8:00pm Friday: Exp. Needed

7:45pm-9:00pm Monday-Wednesday: Exp. Needed


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