Carla Esparza Earns Fight of the Night at UFC Fight Night 159!

Both women landed power shots from the very beginning. After back and forth exchanges, Esparza blasted her foe with a double leg and avoided a nice attempt at a reversal from Grasso. Esparza drove her foe into the clinch and landed a head-and-arm throw. Grasso scrambled up with just 10 seconds remaining, managing to land a strong right hand before the bell.

In the second round, Esparza scored a takedown, which resulted in her securing top position within the guard. Grasso tried to throw up an armbar, but Esparza avoided the hold. From her back, Grasso continued to shift her hips and throw up offense, though it did not amount to anything major. Meanwhile, Esparza chipped away with small shots. With about 90 seconds remaining in the second round, Grasso was able to escape back to her feet when Esparza tried to take the back. Esparza scored a power double leg with 30 seconds remaining to finish the round in top position.

In the third round, Carla got caught in a deep armbar, her arm was bent in an unpleasant fashion, but she spun to safety and even remained in top position. Grasso worked back to her feet with just 20 seconds remaining, and the two immediately began to brawl.

Despite Grasso’s strong finish to the bout, Esparza picked up the first two rounds on two of the judges’ scorecards, earning her the nod. It was a hard-fought win, even if the local crowd did not like it. They got Fight of the Night honors for this performance.