How to Clean your Training Equipment

No one wants to drill with the guy who smells like he hasn’t showered in weeks. You might be bathing religiously, but what about your equipment? Do you let your gloves sit in the corner of your room, letting it soak it sweat and bacteria, then use it the next class? GROSS! Gloves, hand-wraps, shin-pads, head gear, wrestling shoes - CLEAN IT ALL!

Here’s how you can keep your equipment clean:

  • Wash your hand-wraps like you would wash your workout clothes. The washer and dryer will work perfectly!

  • Spray your equipment with your choice of disinfectant, such as rubbing alcohol, and wipe them down.

  • Make sure to let them dry completely in a well ventilated area. The funky smell comes from lingering moisture.

  • You can even go the extra step and stuff a couple dryer sheets in them. Make the smell extra fresh!

Kill all the bacteria and get rid of that smell! Doing this will not only keep you from smelling horrendous, but it will minimize the possibility of developing skin infections, such as

  • ringworm

  • staph

  • impetigo

  • Look those up, I dare you!

Do yourself and everyone else in the class a favor and keep you equipment clean!


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