"Help Build Us A Home"

Muay Thai fighter “Boom” Watthanaya and his wife, Frances Watthanaya, have started a gofundme campaign to raise money to build a home for the children in Isaan, Thailand. Over the years, the Watthanaya’s have been able to change the lives of many children through Muay Thai. They not only help train and give the children opportunities to learn life long qualities, but they even shelter the children in their own home. Sadly, with the tiny one bedroom apartment they are currently living in, they are unable to accommodate more of the children that come to them for aid. That’s where you can help! The Wattanaya’s are hoping to raise enough money to buy enough land to build a home big enough for all the children and a new gym right next to it! To donate to their cause, visit https://ca.gofundme.com/f/help-build-us-a-home! Anything helps!

ron scolesdang