The Importance of Warming Up BEFORE Training

When it comes to competitions, games, or even just usual practice, athletes always seem prepared for anything that may come their way. However, they do not dive directly into their training. They must warm up first.

Warming up is any type of physical preparation. It usually includes slower or more gentle exercises before you practice your specialty. Why is it necessary to warm up before you begin training?

Here’s FIVE reasons why YOU should be warming up:


  1. Warming up will literally “warm up” your body.

    It increases blood flow and body temperature. This helps oxygen to become more readily available to your muscles which will also help with endurance.

  2. It loosens the joints for more flexibility.

    While your body temperature is high, it means that the stress taking place on your joints and tendons are weakened. Your body will become easier to move, making your workout performance better overall.

  3. Prevents injuries.

    Without loosening your joints and tendons, you put yourself at a higher risk for injury. Don’t rush yourself, ease into your training to protect your body.

  4. Decreases muscle pain and stiffness.

    Have you ever felt worse after a workout rather than better? It is probably due to the fact that your warm up was not properly executed.

  5. Warming up improves your mentality.

    It is understandable to be nervous before training or working out. Try a warm up and calm your mind down before diving into the serious stuff.


At Team Oyama, we want to ensure everyone is ready to train in top condition. Not only our fighters, but all of our members. They would not have made it this far without properly preparing for their training. Always ensure that you and your body are ready before taking on strenuous workouts!

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