The leading cause of skin infections!

Workouts are great to get your blood pumping and to get a good sweat. However, that nice layer of sweat can be bad for your health if you don’t wash it off after your workout.

Here’s why!

The longer sweat stays on your skin, the more you develop smelly body odor and the easier it is to catch skin infections, such as:

  • ringworm

  • staph

  • impetigo

There are many valid reasons as to why someone can’t shower immediately after a workout - squeezing in quick workout before work, long drive home, etc.

To help combat delayed showers, we suggest you:

  • change into a pair of clean, dry clothes

  • use DEFENSE Body Wipes!

A quick wipe down after class, to clean off the sweat and bacteria off your skin will hold you off until you can take a hot shower.

Team Oyama sells these handy wipes in the front desk along with DEFENSE maximum strength body soap for when you do get to shower.

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