Check out our instructional videos. Learn how to wrap your hands, Tie your belt, and much more!

Learn to wrap you hands

Classes Applicable: Cardio Kick Boxing, Muai Thai Classes

Why wrap your hands?

Handwraps are used to hold you knuckles, wrists, fingers, and entire hand itself. Wrapping your hands protects you from injury during training. The Hands are made up of small bones that cold easily fracture from the impact of punches. This video is a guide to help you wrap your hands before attending class. If you need help in person, dont hesitate to ask any of our helpful staff.

Learn to tie your belt before attending Jiu-Jitsu Classes.

Applicable Classes: Gi Jiu-JItsu

Correctly tying your belt is very important when attending Jiu-Jitsu classes. Besides tradition, the belt is tied a certain way to prevent the belt from coming undone during training. This method showed here will help you understand the process of tying your belt correctly from start to finish. If you have any question please feel free to ask any of our helpful Jiu-Jitsu staff or classmates when attending class.