Fight Fit

This class is similar to Cardio Kickboxing, but focuses more on Conditioning and technique. Expect to be pushed to your limits during this class. 

Required: Gloves an wraps.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

The only 10th Planet location that offers training in the traditional gi. It is led by thee world-class black belts, Ron turner, Joe Murphy, and Marlon "Chito" Vera. Learn to control your body, as well as another, utilizing their/your own articles of clothing. 

*All Team Oyama/10th Planet Irvine members also get unlimited access to the other 10th Planet location in Orange County.*

Gear Required: Gi



We are the official location of 10th Planet Irvine.  

Learn how to grapple using the 10th Planet system, the most innovative nogi jiu jitsu program currently available. 

Requires: Mouthpiece and athletic attire



The wrestling program at Team Oyama focuses on wrestling with an emphasis on it's application for MMA. It is headed by All-American Wrestler Alex Perez. 

Requires: Mouthpiece, wrestling shoes, and athletic attire.

Cardio Kickboxing

Our most popular program at Team Oyama. Cardio Kickboxing teaches proper technique and conditioning. It is very similar to our regular Muay Thai program, but without the sparring. This class is great for fitness as well as self-defense.  Burn up to 1,400 calories in a class!


Learn how to transition between striking and grappling. Train with top-ranked athletes and coaches. 

Required equipment: Athletic attire, boxing gloves, mma gloves, shin guards, head gear, and mouth guard.


Our Muay Thai program teaches the art and science of striking. While we may have a strong foundation in Muay Thai, we utilize techniques from all arts, to make our striking system as effective as possible. 

*Required: head gear, gloves, wraps, mouthpiece, and shin guards.