Class Schedule

**Call for schedule times**

CKB: Cardio Kickboxing focuses on fundamental Muay Thai striking technique and conditioning. (Gloves and wraps required)

Fight Fit: Fight Fit is similar to Cardio Kickboxing, but has less emphasis on technique, and more focus on conditioning. (Gloves and wraps required)

BJJ: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu focuses on control and manipulation of one’s body and another. (Gi required)

No Gi: Similar to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but without the gi.

Wrestling: Wrestling is the art of grappling that focuses on the standing position and top control. (Wrestling Shoes required)

Muay Thai: Muay Thai focuses on striking and conditioning with live sparring. (Full gear required)

MMA: Mixed Martial Arts focuses on transitioning between striking and grappling. (Full gear required)

Gym Rules & Etiquette

To maintain safety on and off the mat, to maximize everyone’s learning experience and to maintain a positive and respectful training environment, we request our members to follow these guidelines below.

 • First-time guests should arrive 10-15 minutes early for new member orientation.

 • Out of respect, all members should try their best to be punctual (avoid arriving to class late). If possible, arrive 5-10 minutes prior to class.

 • Sparring gear (mouthpiece, headgear, shinpads, gloves, handwraps, cup) is required for Beginners and Intermediate/Advanced Muay Thai.

 • Gloves and handwraps are required for Cardio Kickboxing and FightFit classes. Gi’s are required for BJJ.

 • All members must check-in at the front desk before class. NO entrance through the back/side doors.

 • Parking is allowed only on the Team Oyama side of the building, backside parking spots & street parking. If you park on the LifeSkills side, you will be towed.

 • Always show respect to your instructors, coaches and training partners.

 • Introduce yourself to fellow members you do not know and make them feel welcome. Support your teammates in training both on and off the mat. Let’s treat each other as family.

 • Attend class on a regular and consistent basis of at least 2 classes per week.

 • No one is allowed upstairs/2nd floor.

 • Remove all jewelry and NO shoes on the mats. Shoes must always be worn in the restrooms. If you wear wrestling shoes while training, please do not use them off the mat (i.e. walking into bathroom, outside, etc.)

 • Place shoes on the shoe rack and all belongings neatly in the cubbies. Do not leave your gym bag/belongings on the mat or in the hallway.

 • CHILDREN MUST BE SUPERVISED AT ALL TIMES (even if the parent is training). NO wrestling, rough-housing or training on the mat when classes are not in session. Parents, please keep siblings supervised AT ALL TIMES and do not allow your children to touch or play with the gym equipment without permission. It is unsafe and disrespectful to others.

 • No food or chewing gum on the mat. Maintain good hygiene (i.e shower & brush teeth!). Keep finger & toe nails short.

 • Do not bring valuables into the gym.

 • If you have a contagious illness, kindly do not train. If you receive an injury during training, immediately report it to the staff.

 • If you use equipment (i.e. jump rope, thai pads, focus mitts, fitness equipment), please put it back neatly.

 • Refrain from using profanity. Always be well-mannered and behave properly. Keep in mind that you are also representing the gym at events, fights, etc.

 • Help keep the gym clean by throwing away trash. Please notify front desk if the restroom needs attending. Please recycle plastic bottles in the containers provided.

 • Membership dues must be paid in a timely manner regardless of how many or few classes attended during the billing cycle. There are no full or partial refunds for any reasons on any unused portions of any membership plan.